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Tendencies of “green” sex getting popular

Ecological sex or green sex is getting way more popular these days setting young people thinking on recent trends. Those who is not familiar with the provisions doing sex ecological yet or green, are actively interested not to lag behind fashion and to be aware of novelties. The new current forces skeptics to smile, but adherents of a trend believe that ecological sex does the relations purer. The foundation to this current was laid by numerous and various green currents which take care of ecological safety, purity of our planet, health of the nature. In order that during occupations by sex not to have harmful impact on environment, it is necessary to adhere several enough simple rules, and you will be safely ranked as ecological sexual partners.

During sex it is possible to turn off the light. Also darkness allows to develop the imagination, it promotes economy of the electric power. If there is a strong wish to see a body of the partner or to show own, it is worth having sex during daylight hours.

Together with the elect it is possible to accept water procedures. Water allows the person to be cleared not only physically, but also in the emotional. Refuse artificial sexual toys which make in a huge number today. Diphenyl A substantially affects quality of sperm of the man and reproductive opportunities of the woman. And meanwhile often this chemical can be met in vibrators.

Address to the mother nature who is ready to present you a huge amount of natural aphrodisiacs. Special products are capable to turn sex into magnificent action, to kindle emotions and to restore the lost passion. It is possible to turn into the vegetarian to feel unprecedented ease. But men need meat, as all males in the nature therefore women act as vegetarians more often.

The yoga and special exercises for strengthening of muscles of genitals will allow you to turn night sex into the real love marathon. Get acquainted with popular east gymnastics today. Who knows, maybe, you will open in yourself new sides and opportunities!