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What guys are attractive to girls

I know, a subject hackneyed. She is beaten decades, and even for centuries, generally, a subject eternal. One consider that girls in guys appreciate such qualities as kindness, sincerity and other; others believe that girls appreciate muscles and force; the third consider that girls most of all appreciate money and communications and so forth. There is a lot of opinions. So girls appreciate? Let’s understand by means of the objective facts and the impartial point of view. Let’s consider different age categories of girls up to 23 years. Division is quite conditional.

But at first we will consider some lyrical heroes who will appear in comparison:

1) The botanist, 16 years, the pupil of the 10th class, studies well, clever, but not sports, weak, cannot stand for himself, there is no money. Call, let us assume, George

2) The real boy, 17 years, the pupil of technical training college, a male, is capable to cut to any, strong, with muscles, but stupid as a log, there is no money, as a rule, but is capable “to wring out” them at the sucker, a show off too much. Call, let us assume, Vasya

3) The student, 19 years, studies so-so, average force, especially does not climb, but can fight, on mind is mediocre, money is, but is enough only for life and is not absolutely reliable. Call, let us assume, Andrey

4) The major, 17 years, goes all on a show off, rich parents, there is a lot of money, friends criminal, cannot stand for itself, but to him nobody climbs as friends will be put. Call, let us assume, Dmitry

5) The cool guy, 22 years, is not enough show off, but is pumped up, strong, there is a car, money, the apartment. Call, let us assume, Egor

Girls up to 16 years

Let’s present the nice girl of years 15. Call, let us assume, Katya. Among contemporaries it is nice. Has success with guys, but they do not attract it as they, are in her opinion silly. Look at it such as George, Dan. Katya at such age in the center of attention. Let’s present it with George. It will be able to give nothing to it except pure love, and girlfriends will just ridicule. Will attract rather a Katya such as Vasya or Dmitry. The girlfriend Katya, as well as she, appreciate a show off and coolness. Vasya looks physically stronger than Dmitry, and she will estimate it. She needs to feel near herself the STRONG male as she is not sure of herself and of the world around. It subconsciously gives it support. Neither Dmitry, nor, especially, George, can give it to it. Such girl will not attract Andrew and Eugene owing to age

Girls from 16 to 18 years

Let’s present the girl of years 17, the nice person, growth 160-162, beautiful curly hair, thin, call, let us assume, Polina. Generally, beautiful girl. The girl is lonely, around her many guys turn. It will attract all five above-stated guys. The girl is already sure of herself. She wants to seem is more senior than the years. Plus she wants restaurants and other. And at the same time the girl is dependent on people around. George will be able to give nothing it to it, Vasya will not be able too. Andrey will not need it as he needs to study and on something to live. Respectively Dmitry and Egor compete among themselves. The girl wants to see Egor near herself as he is more senior and he is the adult. But Egor has many other fans. And therefore Polina will be together with Dmitry. It will be able to provide satisfaction of all requirements

Girls from 18 to 20 years

It is given: girl of 19 years, average beauty, nice person, but not the beauty. Call, let us assume, Anastasius. Anastasia will be able to draw George and Andrey’s attention to herself. To such girl stability and material investments is important. George cannot give it to it. There is Andrey

Girls from 20 to 22 years

There are a girl, the beauty queen of the university, is stylish, clever, prudent, appearance ideal. Such will be able to draw Dmitry, Andrey and Egor’s attention. To such girl in the guy status compliance, that is a material state, physical force and other is important. There corresponds to it only Egor. Therefore such girl will meet Egor

And so, in conclusion. Such as George, will never attract the girl, they will not be able to give her support in any aspect / aspects. The pure love is necessary to nobody (I will paint below, why). Besides love support and/or providing the girl are important. Dear reader, think if girls do not communicate with you.

Now about, why, as a matter of fact, all above-stated text the truth. I will explain at the biological level.

The person by the nature an animal. Only with the developed brain which, actually, also realizes experiences and thoughts. Animals have instincts. For example, the female always tries to choose the best genetic material (male) to reproduce the best posterity. And weak males, as a rule, do not get posterity. It is the unconditional truth of fauna, basic instinct.

    And who, as a matter of fact, cancelled this unconditional rule for the person who upon the same animal

That’s just the point that at the person this instinct is developed also, as well as at animals. And the girl chooses the best male (guy) capable to provide her the best posterity as it is material, and physically.

Certainly, there are such feelings as love and sympathy. BUT, they are subject to an instinct, and the girl ALWAYS chooses the best, according to EXTERNAL DATA and APPLIANCES, soul interests NOBODY, SOUL is not the DEFINING SIGN, you understand!?

The romanticism of girls does not interest from those which are not interesting to them. Here so. Yes, it is physiology, and with it to make NOTHING. The sad truth, but is the truth.

Do all of you still doubt? Think then supposedly why many good guys are in Friend Zone, and the girl chooses not them, such good, and any goats. Notice, girls always speak about importance of soul and moral qualities (love, kindness and so forth), and almost always hold back the truth. It is a template of society. Be not conducted.

And now, dear reader if you before reading of it thought why you are not chosen by girls, think! To change everything in your forces! You approximately know now what guys are pleasant and what are not present. Dare! I believe in you!

P.S. I anticipate the astronomical number of angry comments from girls. Girls, be though here are honest and write the truth, without littering with the “does not agree” comments. And in general, guys and girls, there is a wish to read volume comments. Thanks!