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My story of true love before an era of social networks and live chats

Not answered calls, unread letters and any Instagram … When I watch old movies, I cannot stop thinking about drama subject turns which are simply excluded today. He called on its phone, but she was not at home. So she never found out that he called her.     And today the missed call hangs on […]

Interesting questions to ask a guy

During online meeting or in private chat room with a guy on one of the best live cam sites, you can ask him as the general, and more specific questions you will find interesting, even intimate questions. It’s easy to chat about ordinary things. Sometimes you may find yourself in situation that you don’t even […]

What guys are attractive to girls

I know, a subject hackneyed. She is beaten decades, and even for centuries, generally, a subject eternal. One consider that girls in guys appreciate such qualities as kindness, sincerity and other; others believe that girls appreciate muscles and force; the third consider that girls most of all appreciate money and communications and so forth. There […]

Pros & Cons of Internet

Two-three of decades it was impossible and to think back that to communicate or meet the best friends or relatives living in other country or even the city it is not necessary to go to them. Now thanks to the Internet it is possible to meet, solve the most difficult problems by means of use […]

Getting cam girls crave for you easily after long day

I’m back after my vacation where I was in urban areas of our city checking out how people live there well it was interesting but I will post about that then I get back home. I was back in my room after my little trip, threw my tired body on the sofa and turned my […]

Tendencies of “green” sex getting popular

Ecological sex or green sex is getting way more popular these days setting young people thinking on recent trends. Those who is not familiar with the provisions doing sex ecological yet or green, are actively interested not to lag behind fashion and to be aware of novelties. The new current forces skeptics to smile, but […]

Webcam video-chatting over internet

Long time no seen folks, well today I want to express my finding on using technology and internet to meet new people and communicate with friends no matter what is the physical location – today it’s not a problem and we can chit chat with each other all day long. Free chat rooms are the […]

Sexual problems of men

A lot of literature it is devoted sexual illnesses of women. And at the same time not enough attention is given to man’s problems. So, a strong half of mankind, having faced an impotence problem, searches councils at friends who faced the similar. Such decision is inadmissible as each organism is individual, has the features, […]

Malta laws – no dogs in the sea

Valletta, on July, 13th. Ministry of Health of Malta has entered an interdiction for bathing of dogs into the sea. As have declared in department, it is a measure accepted within the limits of recommendations of the International organization of public health services which operate since 2008. The head of the ministry Joseph Cassar has […]

Inside world ecology

We live in peace, where to intelligence of the person the great value is attached too, and it is considered that the people will be cleverer, the it becomes better the world. The current state of mankind does not confirm the given theory as hunger, wars, poverty, depression, alarm concerning money, the stress, corruption, incurable […]

Ecological problems and disasters of modern world

Environmental problems of the modern world are diverse. Possibly, not many of us will remember today for a long time ceased ecological accident with insecticide type “Tiodan” occurred in 1969 on the river Rhine when because of 50 kg of substance 2 years which have lain in the river, has occurred amazing in the scales […]