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Ecological problems and disasters of modern world

Environmental problems of the modern world are diverse. Possibly, not many of us will remember today for a long time ceased ecological accident with insecticide type “Tiodan” occurred in 1969 on the river Rhine when because of 50 kg of substance 2 years which have lain in the river, has occurred amazing in the scales mullions-strong мор fishes. Probably, our fathers remember as awful ecological accident in Sevezo when as a result of emission of a cloud of dioxine at chemical factory the city about one and a half years was an uninhabited zone. We even became witnesses of how for 20 years from a planet surface Aral sea … has disappeared

Environmental problems and accidents

Both failures, and accidents arise suddenly and though, as a rule, have local character, their ecological consequences can extend on the big distances and grasp the big areas. Thus accidents on radiating objects (the atomic power station, the enterprises for processing of nuclear fuel, etc.), the chemical enterprises, petro- and gas pipelines, sea and a railway transportation, dams of water basins have the greatest danger, etc.

The technogenic accident largest in the XX-th century has occurred in April, 1986 on the Chernobyl atomic power station (Ukraine). Thus total number of victims has exceeded 9 million persons, 29 was lost from sharp radiation sickness. The total area of radioactive pollution on an isoline 0,2 mR/ch (more than in 10 times more norms) has made already in the first days of failure about 0,2 million км2, it has captured many areas of Ukraine, Belarus, and also a number of regions of Russia. Chernobyl accident, according to some experts, was one of the reasons of disintegration of Soviet Union.

Scales of accidents are so terrible for a planet ecosystem that the mankind will pay off centuries for the errors if will not kill itself much earlier as it has tried to make in 1979 in Ekaterinburg (the former Sverdlovsk). Then emission dispute of the Siberian ulcer has killed some hundreds persons in radius of 3 kilometres from a distribution source – virology institute.

We kill ourselves, we exterminate flora and planet fauna, polluting water, soil and air which are necessary, as a living wage for all live occupying our planet, we create to ourselves all new and new environmental problems.

The nuclear attack across Hiroshima, occurred in 1945 has brought not only humanitarian but also ecological accident. By estimates of analysts the quantity of death by 1980 has exceeded 98 000 human lives, and continues to collect till now the terrible tribute in the form of cancer tumours and the raised level of radiation, exterminating the population. But hardly this example has taught the person to address accurately that can become the reason of its destruction. No, we have not stopped on it. In 1979 in the USA on reactor “Trimajl-Ajlend” because of refusal of systems and a negligence of operators there was an emission of radioactive gases in atmosphere. It is the list it is estimated in tens various examples of ecological accidents on a planet, alternately polluting environment, and today it seems that the stop to this vicious circle already is not present. The person having destroyed all around as a result will disappear also itself like dinosaurs whom having existed at top of a food chain of the Earth of 160 million years, have disappeared from a surface of a planet about 65 million years ago.

Nuclear explosion in Hiroshima

After the aforesaid occurrence of the international public nature protection organisation based to Vancouver, Canada David Maktaggartom under name Greenpeace in the beginning looked on September, 15th, 1971 a pity sneer at attempts to try to solve global environmental problems, trying to draw to them attention of the public. However for today movement Greenpeace totals about ten basic projects among which it is necessary to note the sea project, oil, and as the project of prevention of catastrophic climate changes. However considering that fact that the organisation is financed exclusively at the expense of personal donations, for three ten years of existence of the company from a small group of active workers movement has turned to the powerful international organisation which exists in more than 40 countries of the world.

Even more often in mass-media show shots as someone from active workers tries to get on the tanker transporting oil, someone surrounds trains with a nuclear waste. There are even large victories Greenpeace in this hard struggle for ecology, for example, cancellation of flooding of an oil-extracting platform under the name Brent Spar. Some members of the organisation managed to reach this construction and to chain themselves to it.

However hardly the person understands true danger of that occurs now on our planet.

Ourselves hostages of a century of a car of technologies. After all all know that working out of an electromobile which could come in the stead of cars with internal combustion engines, on a root has been ruined by purchase of patents for this working out by magnates of the oil companies. What for to kill the oil business, bringing hundred billions dollars annually if it is possible to remove “cream” without putting means in new lines on assemblage of non-polluting cars.

Each of us knows that on September, 1st it is Day of knowledge, however as many people know that this day is as Day of memory of kinds destroyed by the person. In each 60 minutes on a planet disappears about three kinds of flora and fauna. It is simple to count up that for utter annihilation of all live on the earth, including plants, it is required only about sixteen and a half thousand years. Only to the middle of the twentieth century we have exterminated 67 kinds of mammals and 142 kinds of the feathery.

In 2006 on Film festival Sundance Film Festival the premiere has taken place is sad a sensational picture «Inconvenient truth» of director Devisa Guggenhajma. In November cash gathering have exceeded 20 million dollars, and the film takes today on gathering the fourth place in the world during existence of documentary cinema. In 2007 the tape has received two Oscars, in nominations “documentary film” and «a song to a film», and the institute of the American cinema has named its one of the largest events of year. The film is based on the events telling about global environmental problems on our planet.

Today the average temperature of a planet has risen approximately on 0,7 °C since the beginning of technological industrial revolution. But strangely enough the big share of the specified temperature has grown all for last 50-60 years. Also this wave by activity of the person, namely emission of gases in atmosphere called in a modern society greenhouse effect is caused. What danger in connection with climate warming on the earth? Increase of level of world ocean?! – Yes process is already started and even in case of stabilisation of emission of gases in change atmosphere some millenia will proceed. And it will inevitably lead to redistribution of an atmospheric precipitation on a planet. As result of all aforesaid occurrence of natural cataclysms, such as a tsunami, hurricanes, tornadoes and droughts.

Certainly, all of us we understand that well-being of a civilisation is unattainable without consumption of natural resources. Today their consumption has reached the enormous sizes. But whether someone from us still this natural well-being how much will suffice reflected? How many still ecological troubles our Mother-earth can sustain. After all all the same, sometime in the far future, it is necessary to reorientate factories and factories to consumption of new kinds of fuel as a result of an exhaustion natural so why not to make it now? Why not to start to save today, without waiting while will start to settle the developed bowels of our planet and environmental problems will not ruin mankind?

Activity of the person – ecological accident

But who has told, what our monastery easy takes down all troubles and sufferings which we to it deliver? Who has told, what the planet does not resist to a violent way of life on it? Now among flora 450 kinds of plants of predators are. Upholstered in places with poor soil and absence of nutrients, they have selected a survival right way in the environment. Such kinds basically eat small reptiles and the insects having imprudence to get in their green embraces.

Unfortunately, in connection with mankind alternation of generations, terrible pages of history are quickly enough erased from memory of our ancestors. The person has not time to master the heavy lessons of the terrible ecological accidents which have carried away millions of units of human lives, connected with negligent negligence of technicians, operators, drivers, electricians.

The planet while suffers, sometimes snapping, it then resignedly takes down cutting down of woods, a burning out of fields, a devastation of bowels not giving anything other in exchange, except as awful scars on its body rich with chernozems. It fades at tests of new kinds of arms capable with cold negligence to make its uninhabited desert, same, as tens sisters of stars in the galaxies, the lives not storing to any spark monotonously making the silent way. But as, all the same it would be desirable to believe that the person can realise depth of that ecological precipice from which edge it is all in one wrong move. Today yet late. Still there is a chance that we will learn to live in symbiosis with ours «the green house». With that cradle that has given when that to Dostoevsky’s world, Turgeneva, the Block. With that surprisingly fine globe which has given life to billions subspecies of beings living side by side with the subspecies, called itself the person. As after all it would would be desirable that all our environmental problems, accidents and troubles remained in the past.