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Interesting questions to ask a guy

During online meeting or in private chat room with a guy on one of the best live cam sites, you can ask him as the general, and more specific questions you will find interesting, even intimate questions. It’s easy to chat about ordinary things. Sometimes you may find yourself in situation that you don’t even know what to ask a guy you like. What questions will be appropriate to be asked the private show on Cammingboys.com? It’s a live webcam chat website where girls and gay men can meet guys and chat with them in real time. We do not know who precisely is from that party of the monitor. Before meeting, better to communicate a little in network and to understand what subject for you will be the general. What questions can be asked about correspondence:

  • How old are you?
  • Do you still study or already work?
  • What hobbies you love?
  • In what city do you live in?
  • It is possible to ask what you like girls?
  • What is you favorite movie?
  • What the main thing in the man’s life?
  • Do you have a brother or sister?
  • Where do you see yourself in 10 years?
  • You prefer staying home or going out more often?
  • What is your view on woman role in the society?

If, judging by photos, the young man with whom you correspond is fond of cars – it is possible to begin with it, having asked him at least hundred questions on this subject. From his profile you can also gather some information and find a subject for communication. It is possible to ask the guy about interests and as he likes to spend free time. About love and something more intimate it is better to begin to set questions a little later.

Questions About Sex

We recommend to ask intimate questions and questions about the relations how you communicated on more abstract subjects. But what to ask the guy if you do not consist with him in the relations yet? There are several ideas:

  • Would you move together with me to another city?
  • What would you like to ask me about if we remained one?
  • What minuses at love at first sight?
  • Do you consider yourself the real man?
  • Do you carry yourself to number of worthy guys?
  • What taboo subjects for you at communication with the girl?
  • Do you consider me only?
  • At me the figure and appearance, then at your former are better?
  • What can I please you tonight with?
  • Do you like to chat with me?
  • Do you take charge in bed?
  • Do you remember the beginning of our love?
  • Our relations will lead to something to more serious?
  • Do you love to be dominated?
  • Do you know when we together, other men envy you?

    And that he was with you the most open and honest, can gain him, having invited on a visit, and having made a dinner by candlelight. Then, any subject will not become for you forbidden …