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Pros & Cons of Internet

Two-three of decades it was impossible and to think back that to communicate or meet the best friends or relatives living in other country or even the city it is not necessary to go to them. Now thanks to the Internet it is possible to meet, solve the most difficult problems by means of use of the technical capacities scattered on this world, to study and work, without leaving the house.

Recently taking into account a technological boom requirements at reception of candidates for work changed. Knowledge and ability to use computers, possession of skills of information search in a world wide web and works with e-mail became key. The people who are not possessing at least the minimum idea of computers can remain unclaimed.

The technical boom could not but leave a print on psychological state of the people spending all the free time at the computers, being dipped into a chasm the Internet.

There are quite contradictory statements about positive and negative sides of the benefits which were brought to people by a world wide web. One of the key problems connected with distribution of the Internet to masses are so-called “computer dependence”, and substitution of virtual reality – that affects a deviation for the worse of moral shape of the person. However, the specified problems are connected more with character of the person and his predisposition to various deviations.

Of course, it is impossible to argue with the fact that the Internet is a negative side – existence and availability of materials of pornographic contents, sex cams, information on terrorism and murders which very strongly underestimate the level of moral values of mankind. In other words there is a lot of negativity in the world wide web.

Oppresses weight of understanding that all this is created and supported in various degree by all users of this global network. And what was the main advantage the Internet became its shortcoming – it is availability of any information and efficiency of access to it.

Therefore, it should be noted that “Rescue of drowning – depends on them only”.