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We live in peace, where to intelligence of the person the great value is attached too, and it is considered that the people will be cleverer, the it becomes better the world. The current state of mankind does not confirm the given theory as hunger, wars, poverty, depression, alarm concerning money, the stress, corruption, incurable diseases increase proportionally to growth of intellectual level of people.

We have turned to conceiving cars with apparent defects in comparison with computers which do not have passions and consequently they can carry out the objective analysis though and limited to programs. It is obvious that our reason is subordinated to passions and while it will proceed, there are no high hopes to construct the best world. Cultural wealth is removed for a long time already on the second plan because of impetuous aspiration to material riches. It is considered that the big material well-being we will reach, the more order will be in the world. But occurs opposite, the world becomes more and more chaotic, and our arrogance does not allow to accept that the second law of thermodynamics says: «Entropy, or quantity of inaccessible energy, aspires to a maximum».

It is necessary to remember that we have only two energy sources. These are natural resources and the Sun, and both end. What does not allow us to realize a real situation? Why so much reasonable people cannot make the world quieter, fair, friendly and humane? Why the science and technology develop such high rates while private world of the person remains primitive?

I think that at the modern person internal life not much more richly, than ten thousand years ago, its passions not sublime also are not subordinated, even on the contrary, are more dangerous, than during an epoch of cave life. Now explosion of uncontrollable emotions can destroy a planet, and it is real threat.

Level of development of private world of the present formed person not above than at primitive people as ancient reptile the part of our brain remains invariable already 250 million years.

I think, people are deprived any unknown element which could allow to reach it of “general vision» lives. All knowledge accessible to us is fragmentary, our reason is fragmentary, ours “I” consist of uncountable quantity of fragments, and reality vision is limited by square inch of knowledge. We well operate our small space, but we are escaped by that is behind its limits.

People do not understand each other because everyone protects the tiny territory isolated from a general reality to which we do not have access. This can be reserved «a general reality» only for gods or advanced aliens? Actually it is accessible to us at any moment because we are its component, but we do not see owing to imperfection of our tool of knowledge.

There are certain functional infringements of informative ability of the person which reason atrophies can even lead. Because of them we comprehend only a small part of a reality.

The factors breaking our mental faculties are that:

Insufficient level of waking up, the leader to that the person lives in “light slumber”, in a twilight condition which does not allow to interpret a reality correctly.

The wrong education system based on storing when “I” of the person remain passive because learn “from the outside”, instead of through understanding “from within”.

Constant sublime perception which seldom goes in a condition of the higher wake up.

Introduced in our brain information implant, that is that information which is apprehended without judgement and the analysis.

The independent information of a brain, the subordinate not to us, and a source from which it has been directed.

It is enough this simplified transfer to understand: not we think, and us think. We cannot think independently because are not capable intentionally to cease to do it.

Thus, the person has turned in the present parrot operating only with that information which colonized its brain, and there are no traditional ways to change it. In other words, we do not have the higher consciousness as this ability is not congenital and should be developed. The one who asserts that level of its consciousness is high, but thus cannot strong-willed effort stop to think, deeply is mistaken. There are many levels of consciousness which we cannot reach as we do not have means necessary for it. Some wrongly consider that drugs can expand consciousness, but no drug can make so that the person will unexpectedly reach big consciousnesses, than already at it is.

I assert that achievement of a condition of the higher consciousness – the most important problem, which the person only can execute to resolve essential and  problems.

Only possessing this ability, we can develop, confirming justice and equality and we can correctly operate planet natural resources, unite all countries and cultures through friendship and cooperation and to proclaim world peace.

I think that people need the wise leaders possessing the higher consciousness, instead of simply encyclopaedic knowledge; leaders who would have cultural wealth and the higher morals, internal integrity, wide vision of a reality and would be unknown.

The states should invest in morals and consciousness development that the morals have ceased to be boring for people that they have understood: the morals are a set of laws of the nature which all should respect and then life will be filled both successful in the spiritual and material plan. To operate morally means to behave according to nature laws, instead of to deny them, to reach happiness as John Lock wrongly advised. Some consider that all the same what to be – good or bad, and that it only a question of preferences. I think that the new morals should be based on scientific postulates which will show: bad, finally, to be extremely unprofitable, and to operate according to good principles – it is favourable.

I had personally been spent some research experiments which have shown how some infringements of morals immediately caused falling of vital force of the person that I have explained and have proved in the book «Morals of the XXI-st century». I am convinced that morals gross infringements cause a condition of chaos and organic disintegration, generate energy which enters into a discord with order and harmony of the Nature, than serious harm to a body and a brain is done.

Years of supervision and experiences have convinced me that the person without the higher consciousness is the robot blindly going on life and limited to performance of the program which is in its brain.

I am assured that for the person, except maintenance of own life, the problem second for importance is development of the higher consciousness.

Unfortunately, this theme was  theorists who did not understand that the higher consciousness represents a way to full mastering by the reason.