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Malta laws – no dogs in the sea

Valletta, on July, 13th. Ministry of Health of Malta has entered an interdiction for bathing of dogs into the sea. As have declared in department, it is a measure accepted within the limits of recommendations of the International organization of public health services which operate since 2008.

The head of the ministry Joseph Cassar has declared that animals extend set of illnesses, and it is necessary for visitors of a beach «to be on the lookout».

The law says that animals are forbidden to be on beaches which are visited by people. First of all it concerns 87 public beaches of the country, and also to sandy beaches which can become nurseries of bacteria. The penalty for infringement of the new law can reach 4,5 thousand euro.

The public has negatively reacted to a new interdiction, writes Times of Malta.

Last year Malta has been recognized the second in a rating of the countries with the purest beaches. Thus, the condition of beaches in the country has improved in comparison with indicators of seven-year prescription when half of gulfs of the country did not meet the requirements of EU.